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March 19
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[TBSP] . player TWO . Kalicion by classydove [TBSP] . player TWO . Kalicion by classydove
EDIT// added her little cat nose
adopted from Dweeb-tan

Name :bulletblack: Kalicion
Alias :bulletblack: Alice
Gender :bulletblack: Female
Spawn Point :bulletblack: Gold Country

Physical Appearance :bulletyellow: Alice can be classified as a cat, judging from her hood ears and her gold and white tail. She has a dull red scarf around her neck with a patched up hoodie that has extremely long sleeves and a big-ass zipper. There's not much of her face except black and scratchy white face features. This is because as she was being made and about to enter the game, the system glitched and caused her original face to be deleted. However, she can shift her face to look like the one of another character; the downfall to this is that it's ONLY the face she can change.
Voice :bulletyellow: She has a soft but cheery voice, somewhat like a young teenager girl. She usually emphasizes certain words to show her emotions or the such. (Example: "How DARE you!") When she goes insane, her voice sounds a bit glitchy with several voices speaking at once. (autotune it yesyes)
Height :bulletyellow: 5'8"
Weight :bulletyellow: 98 lbs

Talents :bulletpurple: reaching high places, getting others to laugh, singing, shapeshifting her face
Hobbies :bulletpurple: make jokes/puns, thinking of universal questions, copying other players'/NPCs' faces

Personality :bulletblue: [ Cheerful ] [ Social ] ( Joker ) { Forgetful } { Oblivious }
Despite Alice's happy-go-lucky half of her personality, she can also be very forgetful. She easily forgets things such as missions and quests, other players' names, and the such. (It is believed this is one of the results of the glitching system as she joined.) One thing she usually does to help herself remember is transfer a certain memory into one of the beads hanging from her weapon. Whenever she sees it, she'll instantly remember what she didn't want to forget. She is also sometimes oblivious. She has a hard time understanding most things and therefore doesn't pay much attention to it. Someone will have to thoroughly explain the situation to her so she can get a clear understanding. (Her oblivion does not pertain to emotional statuses.)
Likes :bulletpurple: colorful beads, the sound of rain, bells, warmth
Dislikes :bulletpurple: being clueless, intense heat, being blinded/blindfolded, extremely quiet and uneventful places

Items :bulletgreen: -none-

Skill sets

Attack :bulletred: 5/5 
Defense :bulletorange: 4/5
Speed :bulletyellow: 4/5 
Agility :bulletpink: 1/5 
Endurance :bulletblue: 3/5 

Sanity :bulletred: 2/5 
Confidence :bulletyellow: 3/5
Bravery :bulletblue: 5/5 
Intelligence :bulletorange: 2/5 
Charisma :bulletpink: 3/5 

Weapon :bulletblack: Alice's weapon is a huge, black scythe with curled ends and a silver blade. Also due to the system glitch, the scythe's appearance changed, and is also to be possessed by some sort of spirit. When in her usual and normal form, the weapon's orb at the top shows a white eye that is closed, believed to be "sleeping." You can see in Alice's insane form, the orb reveals a demon-like face. There are also little beads hanging from the weapon, which she placed there for decoration. I mean, she likes colorful beads, doesn't she? Alice's weapon is usually placed behind her back when she travels.

Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Orange Afraid
Bullet; WhiteBullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; Black Absolute Hatred
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance 
Bullet; Green Friend 
Bullet; Purple Close friends 
Bullet; Pink Admiration

-none yet-

RP Example [ Leejin rp with MonsterDerp ]
YES! A restaurant! I love this player so much! He squeezed his cheeks with his hands, barely able to contain the excitement. His tail wagged left and right, before he realized what he was doing and stood back up straight and coughed. She totally didn't see that...
Following her inside the store into a section, he looked at all of the colorful swimming trunks on display.Red, blue, white, yellow, black- ooh stripes! And flower themed! There's even some going with the themes of some lands... He jumped from table to table, admiring the pretty designs and seeing if any fit him. There were so many, yet he wanted to pick quickly and learn how to swim. Then he saw one that caught his eye. "Ooh how about this?" He held up some orange trunks that had green palm trees decorating the bottom, with tiny cages hanging from some of them.

[TBSP] tracker by classydove
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